Don't Spread Head Lice this Season

Don't Spread Head Lice this Season

Don't Spread Head Lice this Season

It's the holiday season, and it's time for gathering with friends and family. Sharing hugs and cozying up together is all a part of the holiday season. Unfortunately, it can also be an easy time to spread head lice. Don't be the reason for extra stress this season. If you suspect you may have head lice follow these tips to stop the spread and get rid of head lice fast.

Tips for Preventing the Spread of Head Lice

Head lice prevention is key this time of year. Holiday gatherings are a prime time of year for head lice to spread. As we hug relatives and cuddle on coaches head lice can easily crawl head to head and infest new hosts. With these few tips you can help prevent the spread.

- Be aware of your close contact. Whether its hugs, picture taking, or just sitting close together be aware of head-to-head contact. Lice can not jump or fly, they must crawl to their new host. Avoid touching heads if you are worried about an infestation.

- Don't share accessories. Things like hats, scarfs, and jackets can all be an easy way for lice to hitch ride. While lice don't live long on garments and accessories they can live long enough to crawl onto its user. Borrowing out your accessories can be an easy way to spread lice.

- It is also best not to share things like combs, brushes, and pillows. If you will be staying overnight somewhere, be sure to bring your own.

- Be vigilant. If you or a family member feels itching or discomfort, check them for head lice before attending any outings. Be prepared and proactive is key in preventing head lice.

Getting Rid of Head Lice

We know head lice can be stressful and cause a huge inconvenience especially this time of year. If you suspect you may have head lice, our team of lice professionals can preform a head lice check. Our lice checks are fast and easy. If head lice are found we can quickly preform our signature head lice treatment and get you back to your holiday fun. Our treatments are quick and non-toxic. We stand behind them with our lice free guarantee.

Don't let the spread of head lice ruin your holidays, let The Lice Removal Clinic help you stay lice free.