How To Prepare

Get Ready For Your Visit to Lice Clinics of America

We know how frazzled you are probably feeling right now. Here are a couple quick steps to follow before coming in for your appointment. And don’t worry, we’ll have you lice free in no time!

Wash Hair

1. Wash Hair

Clean dry hair is needed to perform the treatment. DO NOT come in with wet hair or apply any products to the hair.

Brush Hair

2. Brush Hair

Brush or comb hair free of tangles. This reduces the amount of time and saves you money.

Don't Stress

3. Don't Stress

We will provide several safe and effective ways to clean your home and to minimize chance of re-infestation.


4. Bring The Family

We need to check all immediate family members to reduce the risk of re-infestation and to activate your 30 day re-treatment policy. Also bring a snack, treatments take approximately 1½ hours.