Don't Waste Your Pot of Gold on DIY Lice Treatments

Don't Waste Your Pot of Gold on DIY Lice Treatments

Don't Waste Your Pot of Gold on DIY Lice Treatments

It's the time of year for leprechauns, rainbows, and pots of gold! We're all excited to hunt for our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but make sure you spend it wisely. Don't waste your pot of gold on head lice treatments that don't work like over the counter and DIY lice treatments.

The Cost of DIY Lice Treatments

DIY treatments may seem like the easy and cost-effective route, but they can add up quickly. These treatments require a variety of products and multiple treatments.

- DIY Treatment Products and Shampoos: Average cost $45

- Head Lice Combs: range from $7 to $45

- Re-treatment: Average cost $45

Depending on the treatment you choose your cost may be even higher. The real cost comes when DIY options don't work, and you end up at the professionals anyways.

Why to Avoid DIY Options

From head lice shampoos to age-old home tricks there are a lot of DIY lice treatment options. Some contain lice killing chemicals and others are simple household goods. The problem is the majority treat adult lice and do not rid you off nits. Nits, lice eggs, stick to the base of your hair and are difficult to remove. Unfortunately, if not removed they will hatch and cause a new infestation. This means needing to continue to retreat until you are lucky enough to catch lice at the right stage in their life cycle. This can raise your lice removal cost drastically.

Why Get a Professional Treatment

Our head lice technicians are trained professionals and have a lot of experience removing both head lice and nits. They use our signature lice treatment to kill lice fast and effectively. There are no harsh chemicals and our treatment is guaranteed! Get rid of lice and nits on the first try with our head lice experts!