Dropping Lice Stigmas in the New Year

Dropping Lice Stigmas in the New Year

Stigma and myth have always followed head lice. The crawling critters often bring a whole lot of unnecessary harm with them. The pesky parasites themselves are enough to make your skin crawl, but the hurtful words that can come along with them are even worse. Head lice have been around since ancient times and misinformation still follows them. Let's make this year different and set the lice lies and stigmas aside and learn the truth behind head lice.

Head Lice Stigmas

Myth #1 - “Lice Like Dirt”

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding lice is that they prefer to infest those with dirty hair. It has long been thought that head lice infest unclean or dirty individuals. That could not be further from the truth. In fact, head lice do not have a huge preference, but if they had to pick would choose clean hair. Lice often infest those with clean hair and are known to affect those from all walks of life. Head lice have no preference for cleanliness, gender, social status, race, etc.

Myth #2 - “Lice Bring Bullying

As we mentioned above, head lice can infest anyone of any age or social group. Often times individuals are afraid to speak openly about their infestation or seek treatment. They fear what others may say or think of them. This often occurs in schools and youth settings. Being open about the cause of head lice and the ease of treatment can help reduce the stigma that follows them. Remind your children and peers head lice are nothing to be ashamed of and can easily be treated. Offer those around you your assistance and time for treatment, instead of harsh words or laughs.

Myth #3 - “Lice Cause Stress”

Traditionally a head lice infestation brought about a lot of stress. It meant weeks of treatments. Stripping your house down to clean and time off work or school. That's a lot to take on for some tiny little parasites. Thankfully due to new research and technology you don't have to waste all that time and effort anymore. At The Lice Removal Clinic, we use a our signature AirAlle treatment to dehydrate and kill all lice in one easy treatment. You no longer have to spend weeks treating and re-treating. We've also come up with an easy cleaning list to get your home back in order. There is no need to throw away all of your belongings or hire professionals. Stay calm and don't overdo it. The Lice Removal Clinic is here to make lice a breeze.

Don't let lice stigmas keep you in the dark ages. Learn the truth and be prepared the next time you run into those pesky critters.

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