Head Lice in Halloween Costumes

Head Lice in Halloween Costumes

Head lice can make Halloween an even scarier time. Children playing close together can make for the perfect lice breeding ground. Perhaps the most common place for head lice to spread during the Halloween season is at costume stores. Finding head lice in Halloween costumes can be common and problematic.

Head Lice in Halloween Costumes

During the pre-Halloween season many families find themselves in costume stores trying on various outfits and accessories. These costumes and accessories can be the perfect place for lice to hide out while awaiting a new host. When the next family comes in to find their perfect costume the lice hitch a ride and infest the poor unsuspecting family. Head lice spread when the next customer comes to the store and tries on the infested costume. Trying on head pieces or masks, costumes that sit on the neck and shoulders, and hats can all be homes to head lice.

How to Avoid Halloween Costume Lice

Knowing head lice could be lurking in your potential costumes can be discouraging. The threat of lice shouldn't keep you from enjoying your Halloween. There are still plenty of ways to find the perfect costume without trying them on in store. Costume sizes and measurements are the easiest way to find the correct fitting costume. Measure your family before going into the store to know what size costumes to purchase for them. Avoid trying on or wearing any costume or head pieces until you have time to check them. Look for costumes in packaging that can not have been previously tried on.

What to Do if Your Costume has Lice

If you find yourself questioning whether your costume is lice free or not, there are plenty of easy steps you can take. The best way to kill head lice on clothing or fabric items is to wash the item and dry on the highest setting. The heat will kill the lice and make the costume clean for you to wear. Plastic and hard items can be boiled in water to kill off any remaining lice. These steps will easily clean your costumes and prevent your family from a head lice infestation.

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