Head Lice Love You

Head Lice Love You

Head Lice Love You

Valentine's Day is coming up, and we are all getting ready to celebrate the things we love! We proclaim our love, give gifts, and spend the day immersed in love's joy. We find all the little things we love and surround ourselves with them, whether it be a loved one or chocolate. In the same way head lice like to surround themselves with all the things they love! Unfortunately, the one thing head lice loves most is you! Lice love finding new people to infest!

Head Lice Love

Head lice are simple creatures to please. They need a scalp to survive on and are not really picky about whose head they infest. Lice love a good healthy scalp to feed off of and making our lives miserable. Direct head-to-head contact is like a bouquet of roses to head lice. Direct contact allows lice to spread host to host. Long flowing hair should be kept up or it is like a love letter to lice. They love hair they can easily find their way onto. Head lice don’t care what type of hair, race, gender, or economic status you are. They love that you have hair and a source for them to feed off. Head lice their hosts and show by wreaking havoc on their heads.

What Lice Don’t Love

It’s clear that lice’s number one love is healthy a scalp and a head of hair. Unfortunately, for most of us our hair is a source of our love. What are we to do? Please don't do anything drastic like cutting your hair. Like us there are things lice don't love. For example, lice can’t live without a source for long. Avoid head-to-head contact and be careful of items worn or touched by an infested person until cleaned. Keep long hair up in up-dos to keep it away from lice. Those with short hair can wear a hat or ball cap. Learn the facts about head lice and check yourself and your family frequently. Lice’s worst nightmare is someone who knows how to handle them before an outbreak. Most importantly, be prepared and stay calm in case of an infestation and know how to treat lice fast and effectively.

Love Yourself, Lose the Lice

In the case of an infestation remember it is important to stay calm. Head lice is not your fault or anyone else's, they happen. Remember Valentine’s Day should be about the things you love, not head lice. Let Lice Centers of Wisconsin get rid of head lice fast and effortlessly so you can enjoy a day of love and treats. Our signature AirAlle treatment uses heat to dehydrate lice in one guaranteed treatment. No longer will lice be able to soak up all the love on your special day! Come see us at The Lice Removal Clinic and get back to the things you love!