Holiday Head Lice Is Not So Nice

Holiday Head Lice Is Not So Nice

The Holidays are a wonderful time of year, the joy in the air and festive gatherings bring people together. It’s the perfect time to gather friends and families from far and near. In the midst of catching up and filling plates though, it is best to remember head lice can be lurking about.

Nearly all head lice cases are spread through direct head to head contact, 97% to be exact. While you should always put enjoying the holidays first, here are some things to help guide you through the holidays lice free:

Holiday Lice Prevention:

  • Avoid head to head contact. When greeting and giving hugs be mindful of your hair and try to avoid direct contact.
  • Wear hair in tight updo styles such as buns and braids. This helps limit the chance of contact and gives lice less hair to attach to.
  • Do not share accessories that come in contact with your head or hair. Things like brushes, pillows, and hair accessories, as well as, outdoor gear like hats, jackets, and hoodies are things that should not be shared.
  • Do occasional lice checks, by combing through wet hair with a fine comb to keep your mind at ease.

Signs of Head Lice

  • Lice like dark, moist places and can most often be found closest to the scalp, behind the ears, and along the neckline.
  • Look for red bumps along the scalp and neck area from lice feeding off the host.
  • An itching sensation from the head lice and bumps is the most common sign. A crawling sensation may also occur.
  • Nits (lice eggs) are usually found attached to the hair about ½ inch from the scalp. They are white to yellow in color and must be forcefully removed from the hair.

Helpful Head Lice Facts

  • Head Lice cannot live more than 24-48 hours without a host and will soon die if they leave one.
  • Lice do not fly or jump unlike many popular myths state. Direct contact is the most common way head lice is spread.
  • The strain of lice we know as ‘head lice’ is not the same found on common household pets and there is no need to worry about giving your pets lice or them giving you head lice.
  • Head lice do not discriminate; anyone can get head lice!

Head lice are the last guests you want joining in your holiday festivities! Be sure to follow our prevention tips for a lice free holiday season! Should head lice become a problem Lice Clinics of America - Houston South (The Lice Removal Clinic) is always here with the latest in lice removal care and advice. We offer our signature AirAllé® device to remove lice fast and chemical free by dehydration. The AirAllé® treatment is even backed by our lice free guarantee! For all your lice needs Lice Clinics of America - Houston South and Bay Area (The Lice Removal Clinic) is here to help! Book now or call today at 281-375-3179!