Our Thoughts on the Viral Lice Song

Our Thoughts on the Viral Lice Song

Maybe you heard it while scrolling the internet, maybe you’re a fan, or maybe this is the first you've heard of it. The past few months a viral 'Lice Song' by YouTuber Quackity has been taking the internet and lice world by storm. It's an interesting little ditty filled with the streamer’s comedic views on lice, Minecraft, and some colorful language. We thought it was time as lice experts we stepped in to clear up some misconceptions the song is spreading.

Head Lice Won't Kill You

The first verse of the song is filled with a series of people the singer has known meeting an unfortunate end due to lice. While lice can be problematic in extremely severe cases, that is more due to the untreated sores the pest and itching can cause. Most head lice cases can easily be treated and will leave you in no immediate danger. Professionals, like those at Lice Centers of Wisconsin, can have you lice free in one quick visit. No need for panic or to fear for your life. Head lice is a simple problem that occurs often. In fact, there are 6-12 million infestations in children ages 3-11 years old in the United States a year according to the CDC. With the proper treatment there is no need to fear head lice.

Living a Licey Life

The singer also comments on how his grandma had lice and lived a 'really licey life'. While this makes for a good jingle, there is no need for someone to live with head lice their entire life! Not only would this be hazardous but also just plain annoying. There are plenty of lice treatments out there that can remove head lice quickly and safely! Checkout our website to learn more about or safe, chemical free lice treatments. Don't live a licey life, you can be lice free today.

Why You Got Lice on Your Head

This is one question we can agree with Quackity on. While the reason you have lice doesn't matter, we can agree there is no reason to walk around with head lice. It is easy to get rid of. Visit our clinic today to get rid of head lice quickly and safely. We can help you with everything from lice removal to lice advice. From screenings to guaranteed treatments we are your local lice experts. There's no reason to have lice on your head with us around.

We don't mind the new 'Lice Song' as a little ditty. Remember though, lice are nothing to fear and can easily be removed from your life and head!