September is National Lice Awareness Month

September is National Lice Awareness Month

Back to School is a stressful time for families. It takes time for children and parents to adjust to new schedules, teachers, homework, and after school activities. Even with all of the preparation, planning and amazing organizational skills of parents who are juggling work and home life, no one schedules time to have head lice.

“Head lice disrupts the normal pattern of family life until it is resolved. Parents spend hours combing and cleaning until they think the life cycle of the lice infestation is interrupted,” says Jen Mortensen, owner of Lice Clinics of America - Pearland.

So how can you and your family stop lice before it starts? Lice Clinics of America has a full line of prevention products to help keep your family lice-free.

If your child has long hair, wearing it up in a tight bun is the way to go. “Lice don’t jump or fly,” says Mortensen. “They only move from person to person through hair-to-hair contact, so wearing hair in a tight bun or up in tight braids can protect against those loose hairs touching someone else’s hair.”

Should you see evidence of head lice, or learn that your child has come in contact with someone with lice, or receive notification that there is head lice at school, the best course of action is to book a head lice screening with a professional as soon as possible to determine level of infestation and get treatment if necessary. Our clinic offers professional head lice screenings. Since lice can easily be transferred within a household, we encourage the entire family to be screened as soon as you discover that you or your child may have been exposed to lice. This will ensure that you can stop the lice infestation before it spreads to other family members and friends.

“Our clinic provides head lice prevention education and professional clinical-strength products. Our full line of prevention products are an extra line of defense against head lice for kids, parents and caregivers, which is extremely important during an outbreak. We offer non-toxic and pesticide-free products that stop super lice, guaranteed,” says Mortensen.

Lice Clinics of America has over 330 treatment centers in 35 countries, making it the world’s largest network of professional lice treatment centers. Lice Clinics of America – Pearland is located at 4420 Broadway Street, Pearland, TX 77581 and is open Monday thru Sunday by appointment only. Call 281-375-3179, Email or visit our website at for more information or to schedule an appointment.