Spread Love this Valentine's Day, Not Lice

Spread Love this Valentine's Day, Not Lice

Valentine's Day is a special day when we get to show those, we care about just how much we love them. We get to spend the day spreading some extra kindness and love to everyone around us! Unfortunately, the extra affection can be a great time for head lice to spread from one host to the next.

Head lice spread most commonly through direct and close contact. This means when we spend the extra time embracing our loved ones and those around us, we risk spreading lice. This Valentine's Day the staff at Lice Clinics of America has come up with some ways to still show your love without spreading lice.

Spread Love, Not Lice

Give Your Time

One of the best ways to spread love is to give someone the gift of your time. Spend some extra time with your significant other doing something they love to do this year. If you are celebrating with your whole family, make it a game night or family movie night! Gift your time to a worthy cause and volunteer somewhere with your loved ones. The possibilities are endless, and your love will be felt tenfold.

Get Crafty

Instead of a traditional Valentine's card and box of chocolates get a little crafty with your gift this year. Try a homemade card for your loved ones with a personal message inside showing just how much care. Take on some cute family DIY crafts with a Valentine's theme. Check out these super cute kid friendly DIY crafts from Pinterest!


There is something romantic about giving someone your undivided attention. Take the day to unplug and give those around you your complete attention. From your family to your friends, we promise those around you will notice the extra attention. Everyone deserves to feel special. You can make them feel that by giving them your full self today and spreading some extra love and smiles.

Preventing the Spread of Head Lice

We know it can be hard not to grab a few snuggles, especially on Valentine's Day. To help prevent head lice there are some quick steps you can take. Avoid sharing accessories and clothing that touch you head and hair. Do your hair in an up and back style or keep it in a hat to prevent it coming in contact with others. If you are staying overnight somewhere pack your own pillow, blankets, and towels. Be sure to talk to your family about the signs of head lice and the importance of avoiding head-to-head contact.

Valentine's should be about spreading love with the world around us, not about spreading head lice. Follow our tips to stay lice free but remember should you get lice we are here to help. Our signature AirAllé treatment is fast and guaranteed to remove lice in just one treatment! Don't fear the spread of lice this year, spread love instead!

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