What do You do When You Get Head Lice?

What do You do When You Get Head Lice?

Getting head lice yourself or having a child with head lice can be overwhelming and stressful. It is common to panic a little and not know what to do first. There are so many myths and so much hype surrounding head lice it is hard not to feel stressed out trying to find the best way to handle your new situation. That’s why Lice Clinics of America is here to help make your life easier! We’ve put together a list of 4 things you can do to help make getting rid of lice go smoothly and stress free:

1. Do Not Stress

Having head lice usually causes stress right away for most people. Whether it’s you or your child, it can be stressful not knowing where it came from or what to do next. The best thing to do though is stay calm and know there is help. Panic and stress will only make the situation worse. Relax and focus on making a plan instead. Lice Clinics of America is only a call away and can help with any lice advice you may need.

2. Call Work and School

Informing those you or your infested family member have been around is important to help stop further spread of lice. If it is you, be sure to let your work know and also let them know you will be out for a few hours to take care of things. If it is your child letting their school know can help them prevent a large outbreak or find out if another student may have brought it in. We know this is often embarrassing for people, but the truth is anyone can get head lice and it is important to remember you could be helping stop the spread of further outbreaks.

3. Clean

You may feel the need to do some extreme cleaning after finding head lice anywhere in your home, but it does not have to be too intense. Head lice can’t live more than 24-48 hours without a host. Cleaning is important but a simple deep clean will do the trick. No big cleaning companies needed. Simply vacuum and wash floors, wash and dry all bedding and clothing that came in contact with the lice or person. You can follow our head lice cleaning tips here for more help!

4. Get Treated

Treating head lice at home can be tempting but over the years it has become less and less effective with the increasing number of super lice. Super lice are chemical resistant lice that are not effected by the chemicals found in many over the counter (OTC) lice products. Getting treated professionally can help guarantee that all lice, super lice, and eggs are truly gone. At Lice Clinics of America, we use our signature AirAllé medical device to remove lice without chemicals. The AirAllé device uses heat to dehydrate lice without using any chemicals and kills all lice and eggs, including super lice. We guarantee you’ll leave lice free and able to get back to work and school.

Don’t let head lice stress you out! Let Lice Clinics of America help you get lice free and back to your life today!

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