What to Do After Head Lice

What to Do After Head Lice

Head lice infestations are stressful and draining. No one wants to have head lice but once it happens everyone is simply happy for it to be over. But what happens now? What do you do once the lice are gone? As a lice clinic we are often asked what the next steps should be to clean up after a lice infestation. The question of what to do after head lice doesn't have to be a hard one. We have put together some easy steps to help you get back to life as normal.

1. Check Your Family

This is something you should plan to do as part of the treatment process. If one person in your household has lice, there is a chance it may have spread to others. Have the rest of your household members or those you have had close head-to-head contact with screened for head lice. This way if lice are found they can be quickly treated, and all members can go home lice free. It's important everyone goes home without re-infesting other members and starting the process over.

2. Clean Your Home

Head lice cannot live more that 48-36 hours without a host. It is still best though, to clean your home to be sure all lice are gone. Cleaning doesn't need to be extreme or require any special company. Vacuum and wash floors with your normal cleaners. Mattresses can be cleaned with regular cleaners and vacuumed off. Clothing, toys, and other machine washable items can be washed on a hot water cycle. Then dried on high heat for at least twenty minutes. Brushes, combs, and plastic toys can be boiled in hot water to sanitize. For more cleaning tips look here!

3. Contact Your Peers

A big step in preventing the spread of head lice is making those you were in close contact with aware. Contacting schools, workplaces, and peers can help prevent the further spread of head lice infestations. This will allow others to check for lice early on before they potentially spread it to others. In the past talking about head lice has had a stigma of being embarrassing but it doesn't have to be. Head lice is a common problem that can happen to anyone. Keeping open lines of communication can help normalize the issue and prevent the spread. Be sure to inform others early and do your part to stop head lice.

4. Relax

Head lice is stressful, but it is important to remember to relax and not panic. Lice Clinics 805 is here to help with all your lice advice and treatment needs. With our signature dehydration treatment, we can remove all lice safely in just one treatment. Letting you get back to your life quickly without the hassle of multiple treatments or days of infestation. Head lice doesn't have to be stressful, let Lice Clinics 805 help you relax and get rid of head lice now!

Relaxing should be at the top of your 'what to do after head lice' list. Lice Clinics 805 is here to help with all your post lice advice so you can get to the relaxing part quickly.

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