Your Head Lice Questions Answered

Your Head Lice Questions Answered

Your Head Lice Questions Answered?

Head lice have been plaguing society since ancient times. Yet we still have so many questions when we find ourselves faced with an actual infestation. That's why our local lice experts are here to answer all of our most asked lice questions.

Why don't over the counter products work?

Over the counter head lice treatments may seem like a quick and easy way to treat an infestation. The problem with many over the counter products is that they only kill head lice not nits. Nits are lice eggs that are attached to the hair. When the treatment doesn't kill them, they hatch later on and start the infestation all over again. This means you need to continually treat the infestation until you hit the lice life cycle at just the right time. They can also include harmful ingredients and pesticides.

What can I do to prevent my child from getting lice?

There are many things you can do to help prevent head lice. Head lice spread through direct contact. Remind your kids to keep their own personal space during outbreaks. Keep long hair pulled back in updos or ball caps. And remind them not to share accessories like hats, brushes, hair clips, and hoodies.

How do I clean my house after head lice?

The good news is that head lice cannot live more than 48 hours without a host. This means you don't have to go overboard on the cleaning. We recommend vacuuming and cleaning floors with your normal treatments. Be sure to vacuum any surfaces like couches and chairs. Clothes and other items can be washed and put in the dryer on high heat. Plastic accessories like hair brushes can be boiled in water to kill off any remaining lice. Don't overthink things, just give them a good thorough cleaning.

Should I contact school or work?

It is best practice to let those you've been around know about the outbreak. This can help others catch any infestations early on while they are easier to treat. Our signature treatment is guaranteed and only takes one treatment. This can have you safely back to school or work in no time.

How often should I check for head lice?

We recommend checking bi-weekly if not more for head lice. A simple quick check can help you identify and treat an infestation early on. During times of outbreak in your area you should check more often. The earlier you catch an infestation the easier it is to treat.

At Lice Clinics of America - The Lice Removal Clinic, we work hard to answer all your head lice questions. We are here for all your head lice needs from treatment to advice.